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whats a blog?


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Google Calendar

I have recently become an avid Google Calendar user..and have even more recently discovered that it can SMS me reminders to my appointments! Great if you don’t have a smart phone or PDA.

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From the website:

” Quantum Shift TV is a 21st Century storyteller renewing the cultural values of community, care and interconnectedness through the use of leading edge technology and citizen journalism. We have been inspired by research from the Max Plank Institute in Germany confirming our belief that people are more likely to take positive action when they are seen to be doing so.

Ultimately we want to shift this culture from ‘me’ to ‘we’ through a socially responsible media business that shares the stories of those who positively impact social and environmental change on our planet.

For those who are already taking action, we will be their voice!
For those who want to act, but don’t know how, we will be their inspiration!
For those who look for corporate social responsible leadership, we will be the example!

It is time for Quantum Shift TV.”

Watch their introductory video here:  


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What iPod are you?

Following up on yesterdays post, I decided NOT to stay up to 2am local time to watch Steve Jobs Special announcement nor watch the Engadget live blogging…but waited until this morning to quickly read up on what Steve had to say.

No big surprises really, however, something that interests me is how is this going to change the face of media in the classroom? More students will now have access to portable media devices which are readily affordable (not by me yet!) and play video. Will the flow on effect mean that instead of just audio pod casting, should we be moving to video pod casting more, so that students (and I think especially the commuters) can get quality things to watch in the down time of life. Being a regular commuter on both train and bus, I think the new nano will be a hit. The classics and touch will do well, but the price point and versatility of the nano will make it sell well, but the size will suit the commuter, it can sit in a pocket with no fuss and be available quickly. The touch does present an interesting issue for schools. With the inbuilt wi-fi, if we add wi-fi- access to our classrooms, we could have notes, etc available for download during the class, as well as other resources available for download.

Yet again Apple has moved the playing field and we will see how it affects our schools!

7 September 2007 at 9:00 am Leave a comment is a UK based on-line streaming video site for schools and teachers.

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What are you looking at?

Recently I have purchased new monitors both at home and at work. I keep fiddling with them to get them looking ‘right’. I was watching an old this morning and they reviewed a couple of sites which really would have taken the headache out of this offers a range of tools and images to assist you calibrate your monitor correctly.

Online Monitor Test at  is also very impressive, and at first glance offers a whole lot more in terms of testing options etc.

How can we use this in education? My first thought is to calibrate digital projectors. They are notoriously poor at colour reproduction and need a good calibration to keep video etc looking good.

Have you used these tools or any others to calibrate projectors or monitors? I’d be interested to know how useful you found them.

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Add some zen to your next presentation

Need to present at a conference or in your classroom and hate having dodgy power point shows? Then Presentation Zen is for you! Regular updates on how to create stunning presentations!

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