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We have moved!!

Connected Learning Logo

Your favourite blog has moved to

All new stuff will be there from now on.


21 January 2008 at 7:00 am 1 comment

We’re on the move!

Watch this space!

Connected Learning is on the move
to a brand new domain for 2008 and beyond!

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Kate kicks me into action

In my meeting with Kate today she admonished me for not writing much in here lately…admonishment taken and new content appearing!

It is that time of year again for the edublog awards and  there are some notable entries!

Check them out as I’m sure you will find ones which interest you and next year I hope to see some of you amongst best new blog!

28 November 2007 at 2:45 pm 1 comment

Quirky Quizzes

Over at they have a series of quirky quizzes which publish a certificate to post on your blog or web page.

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Twenty20 world Cup

if you are a bit of a cricket fan, then the twenty20 world cup has already started and the season is underway!

If you want to know the score at any time Google has introduced a new feature, whereby you just type the word cricket into the search box and the first entry will the the latest scores. (as I write this Zimbabwe has defeated Australia 😦 )

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The Construction of Expectation (Part 2)

Apple (or perhaps Steve Jobs) is the master of creating expectation. Just look at the current hype over their September 5 announcement and all the hype that has associated it. Now I’m not necessarily an Apple fan-boy (I don’t even own an iPod!) but you have to respect all the messages that are included in this simple advertisement for the announcement. The image resembles the iTunes interface (could this be an iTunes related announcement?) The main image shows a person holding an iPod (could this be an iPod announcement?) The text “The beat goes on” is the final words of The Beatles final press release.

“Spring is here and Leeds play Chelsea tomorrow and Ringo and John and George and Paul are alive and well and full of hope. The world is still spinning and so are we and so are you,” read the 1970 Beatles release. “When the spinning stops — that’ll be the time to worry, not before. Until then, the Beatles are alive and well and the beat goes on, the beat goes on.”(according to Apple Insider)

(could this be an announcement about The Beatles catalogue being available on the iTunes store?)

Whatever the actual announcement at this special event, it has created a significant amount of expectation. Enough for even me to wonder what Steve will pull out of the hat. A simple postcard laden with hints…creating expectation…creating talk…keeping the product/company in peoples mind.

What can we learn from Apple today?

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What’s your type?

Want to know your personality type, your intelligence type and such? provides on-line testing services for you to know more about yourself, and maybe your students.

I took the test…do you think this is true?
Click to view my Personality Profile page

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