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RSS in plain english


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Wiki’s in plain english

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TeacherTube – no I’m not kidding!

We’ve got YouTube, Metacafe, Daily Motion, VideoJug and now…
Teacher Tube.

For all those last minute video examples that you need!

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Video Jug…yet another Video site

joins the growing list of on-line video repositories, however they do have a nice education section.

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Web 2.0 by Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry discusses Web 2.0

VideoJug: Stephen Fry: Web 2.0

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Time shifting goes mainstream

Today the BBC released it’s much lauded iPlayer to the world, well only the UK BBC lisence paying audience 😦

The rest of us outside the UK will have to wait for the myriad of deals, which are sure to be done, to be completed.

In brief the iPlayer service allows people to download BBC programs that they have missed and once they have downloaded the program, you will have 30 days to watch before it self-destructs.

A great service and one which I hope the ABC licences into Australia.  Our commercial networks are way behind the pace here compared to our US cousins, let alone a service like this!

Let the time-shifting begin

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Slide Share…the You Tube of PowerPoint

Slideshare has been around for a while but it has just added a great new feature of being able to ad and sync an Mp3 file to the presentation!

Now this makes is a great tool to capture a presentation for participants who couldn’t make the live verison. you can even embed it into your own website or blog!

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